The safest on the market
Powered by an innovative order matching system.
By delaying incoming orders for a fraction of a second, it reduces adverse selection for liquidity providers, increasing liquidity and reducing spreads for traders.
Backed by long-term builders
Creators of CowSwap & Gnosis Safe
Florian Hagenbuch
Founder of Loft
Henrique Dubugras
Co-Founder of Brex
Pedro Franceschi
Co-Founder of Brex
Ariel Lambrecht
Co-Founder of 99
Alphonse Voight
Co-Founder of EBANX
Luiz Ramalho
Founder of FingerPrints Dao
Our Team
Kelvin Santos
Co-Founder and CEO
Nicholas Lima
Co-Founder and CTO
Richard Jesus
Dominique Santos
Product Strategist
Matthew Fisher
Senior Software Developer
Robin Hanson
Dion Aguilar
Senior Software Developer
Mariana Campello
Head of Marketing
Gabriel Rodrigues
Product Desinger
Elton Carvalho
Product Designer
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