Our Team
Kelvin Santos
Co-Founder and CEO
Nicholas Lima
Co-Founder and CTO
Richard Jesus
Kerel Verwaerde
Matthew Fisher
Senior Software Developer
Dion Aguilar
Senior Software Developer
Asfandyar Khan
Senior Marketing Specialist
Robin Hanson
Backed by long-term builders
Creators of CowSwap & Gnosis Safe
Florian Hagenbuch
Founder of Loft
Henrique Dubugras
Co-Founder of Brex
Pedro Franceschi
Co-Founder of Brex
Ariel Lambrecht
Co-Founder of 99
Alphonse Voight
Co-Founder of EBANX
Luiz Ramalho
Founder of FingerPrints Dao
We help you
Support whenever you need it
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